Kratom Sucks

Hi there. First, let me first apologize for the crapiness of my website. I'm not a huge computer guy so I'm winging this as best I can. If anybody out there would like to give me so tips/advice on how the heck you do this stuff, I'd be very grateful.

Second, let me explain why this webpage is even here. What would possibly drive a non-computer guy to make a crappy website with a weird name? Well it all started a couple of months ago when a friend recommended a new herbal product to me - Kratom. What's Kratom, you ask? Kratom is basically a plant from Southeast Asia. Depending on who you talk to about it, it can do everything from cure headaches to get you high. As a big fan of herbal remedies I was willing to give it a try. And you know what happened?


My friend said to start of with a low dose and work my way up. So I started out with a low amount of tea (which tastes like complete ass) and got nothing from it but the taste of ass in my mouth. Tried a bit more. More ass taste. After talking to my friend again he said that maybe I should try a different vendor. Maybe a different type (they sell lots of different kinds out there).

So I bought a couple of different things from different people. Extracts which were supposed to be "super strong", different plant types, you name it. And over the course of a couple of weeks I tried them all. And the same thing happened with all of them.


I did a bunch of research afterwards and was surprised to find that some people actually like this crap. I guess to each their own, there's a lot to be said for the placebo effect. But in short, kratom does nothing at all. I even noticed it's illegal in some countries. My guess it's because they don't want people selling stuff that tastes like ass and does nothing at all. I know as a consumer I'm a littled annoyed that I wasted a bunch of money on stuff that does nothing.

So if you've heard about Kratom and are wondering what it is or if you should try it - Don't bother. It's not dangerous, it's not great, it's not anything at all. Save your money.

Kratom Sucks.